Who We Are
I guess I’ve just always loved photography. I took a photography class in high school and enjoyed that but really my found my passion while on a mission trip to Chang Mai, Thailand. All I had for that trip was a small point and shoot camera but what I learned is that it’s not about the technology but about the subject. That’s what I love about photography; finding the beauty in life.

What We Do
Passion. It’s what drives us. It’s what we experience when we look through the lens. It’s what we help you express: your passion.There are many photographers that can document your event but few can capture your passion.

Everyone has a story to tell and it’s our mission to help you tell yours in the most expressive way possible, leaving no doubt about your passion.There are many styles of photography but what’s important is whether our style moves you. Photography is very personal and what one person likes, another doesn’t but if you don’t “click” with the photographer or fall in love with their work, then it’s not the best fit for you. What we hope to do is to tell your story in a beautiful and creative way.